About The Club

The Granite City Gunslingers is a SASS affiliated cowboy action shooting club located in central Minnesota. The Club was founded in early 2009. We began shooting at a range in St Cloud, until June of 2010 when the county decided that the range’s conditional use permit did not allow action shooting. We then made some major changes and moved to our current home at the Kimball Rod and Gun Club. These generous folks gave us our own dedicated cowboy range space, where we could develop permanent stages and props.

In the Fall of 2011 we completed the dirt and site prep and we began building and shooting on our dedicated range in the Spring of 2012. We currently have four bay berms completed for down range movement on five stages and have six stages built. We set-up and shoot six stages for our monthly matches. Our future plans include building approximately 10 total permanent stages laid out like an old west town to go along with our storage building, a 50x30 picnic shelter and school house (registration) building that are already built all on the range. Since 2013 we have been the host of the Minnesota State SASS Championship - North Star Showdown, held the second weekend in July annually. Our philosophy is one of continuous improvement of our range, props, and matches. This means we strive to make each monthly match better than the last. New shooters are always welcome to stop by and check us out.

Club Officers

Range Master/T.G.

Timber Jack Thompson (Dain Olson)

Board Member

Lawless Guy Thompson (Darold Olson)

Board Member

Mulie Drifter (Doug Touhey)

Board Member

Jedediah Hawkins (Todd Bursch)


Bad Dog LeBeau (Ryan Salner)

Match Recorder

Wrong Gun (Marilyn Larson)


Ms. Fire (Colleen Bursch)

Board Member

Knarley Bob (Bob Hoeck)

Board Member

Double Down (Dave Weseman)

Board Member

Tornado Diablo (Joe Tholen)